Allium Giganteum


Very tall stem with a large umbel of densely clumped lilac florets. Its flowers are small, 6-parted, and in a cluster at the top of a naked stem.

Note: Bulbs require chilling to initiate flowering. We provide them to you pre-chilled. After the first flowering season, if your winters are cold enough (generally, if you receive frost for a period of time), you can leave them in the garden to perennialise. If you do not receive frost, you will need to take them out, refrigerate them for 3 months or longer before planting again the next autumn.


1 large bulb per packet.


* PLEASE NOTE: Autumn bulbs only ship from February *


* Flower seed for Summer planting and Hydrangeas ship now. To ensure you receive your flower seeds and Hydrangeas now, do not add any Autumn bulbs (Ranunculus, Anemone, Daffodil of Tulip) to the same basket.


* If you have Autumn bulbs in your basket TOGETHER with summer seeds and/or Hydrangeas, you will receive your seeds in Jan/Feb only, which will be too late for planting them.


* IN SHORT, if you want summer seeds or Hydrangea plants, make sure it is placed in its own order (which will ship now), and then place a SEPARATE order for Autumn bulbs.


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    Flower type:Focal
    Flower size:12-15cm
    Life cycle:Perennial
    Climate:Prefers cool to moderate temperatures and can withstand frost. Requires cold winters to perennialise in the garden.
    Sowing guide:Plant the bulbs from around May to end June, when the soil temperature has cooled. Plant in relatively rich, very well draining soil. Plant just underneath the soil or if you want to leave them in the garden as perennials (given you receive cold winters), plant them at least twice the depth of the bulb.
    Flower Shape & Category:Ball
    Planting Season:Autumn
    Germination guide:Sprouting of bulbs can take up to 12 weeks.
    Good Bee Food:Yes
    Flowering time:November to December
    Pinch:Do not pinch
    Position:Full Sun
    Final height:90-150 cm
    Spacing:23 cm

    Growing Tips:

    Keep the soil moist but not overly wet. Water well and deep every 3-4 days, in stead of sprinkling them with small amounts of water daily. Keep the plant foliage dry. Fertilise with bulb food only after a couple of weeks of growth.

    Harvesting Tips:

    Alliums have a very long vase life, often reaching 14 days or more. Change the water often to keep them fresh.