Ammi majus

Lace Flower


Excellent and very productive bouquet filler. The delicate white lace flowers held on tall, branching stems give a sense of whimsy to any arrangement. Also known as false Queen Anne’s lace.


100 seeds per packet

68 in stock

Flower type:Filler
Life cycle:Hardy Annual
Climate:Prefers cool to moderate temperatures and can withstand some frost.
Sowing guide:Refrigerate seeds @ 5-8 C for 1-2 weeks prior to sowing. Direct sow (recommended) in March to May / September to November. Alternatively sow in trays and transplant after 4-6 weeks.
Germination guide:12-16 days @ 18 C. Cover lightly with thin layer of soil.
Position:Full Sun
Spacing:30 cm
Pinch:Not necessary
Flowering time:September (if sown in March to May) or 70 days after sowing after September.
Final height:120 cm

Growing Tips:

September (if sown in March to April) or 70 days after sowing in September.

Harvesting Tips:

Harvest after 80% of the flowers on the umbel are open. Earlier harvesting will result in reduced water update and cause flowers to wilt. Expected vase life is 6-8 days.

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