Cynara scolymus



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Large silver plant leaves are topped with huge, scaled flower heads. The heads contain multiple flower buds that make up the edible part of the plant. There is a short window to harvest this edible part which ends when the flower buds come into bloom. When in bloom, multiple purple thistle-like flowers top the scaled flower head. Fresh or dried, they provide a striking textural element to large bouquets or on their own.


50 seeds per packet.

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Flower type:Disk
Life cycle:Perennial
Climate:Will toletrate frost and live for many years.
Sowing guide:Direct sow not recommended. Sow in trays in December to January and plant out in March.
Planting Season:Summer
Germination guide:7-10 days @ 21-26 C. Cover seed with a thin layer of vermiculite. Following germination, move tray to receive temperatures of 15-20 C during the day and 10-15 C at night. After 4 to 6 weeks, transplant into garden. Protect new transplants from frost.
Good Bee Food:Yes
Flowering time:December to January the next year.
Pinch:Not necessary
Position:Full Sun
Final height:100 cm

Growing Tips:

Prefers a rich, well drained soil with plenty of compost. Will benefit from a layer of mulch.

Harvesting Tips:

Wait until the neck below the flower bud is strong and hard. The flower can be harvested in various stages, from half open before pollen shows right through to all purple with pollen showing.

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