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Dahlia pinnata

Dahlia Makwala


Be one of the lucky few to have this brand new variety in your garden. Makwala has deep red petals with burgundy centres. Great for the vase as well.


Flower size – 9 cm


Flower shape – Ball


1 tuber clump per packet.


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Flower type:Focal
Life cycle:Tender Perennial
Climate:Thrives in warm temperatures.
Sowing guide:Direct plant the tuber (5-10 cm deep and laid flat) in rich, well-drained soil in September / October (once the soil has warmed). If the soil is very dry, water once with planting and again only after green sprouts are visible above ground.
Germination guide:10-14 days at 21 C.
Position:Full Sun
Spacing:30-40 cm
Pinch:Yes, when 30 cm high
Flowering time:December to April
Final height:100 cm

Growing Tips:

Provide horisontal plant support when growing in windy areas. Water often in summer and feed regularly with a low Nitrogen fertiliser.

Harvesting Tips:

Harvest early morning and into fresh, clean water. A "cut and come again" favourite, dahlias produce for months when harvested frequently. Don't be afraid to cut tall stems so that new growth can branch out from lower down on the plant.

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