Helianthus annuus

GIANT Sunflower Kit


We present… The GIANT Sunflower Kit.

Inside this beautifully curated kit you will find all the ingredients to grow gigantic Sunflowers of up to 4 meters in height and flower heads of 40 to 50cm in diameter.

With the instructions provided you won’t even need a green thumb to succeed.

This is a gardening activity sure to capture the imagination of young and old alike.

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    Flower type:Disk
    Flower size:20-25 cm
    Life cycle:Heat-loving Annual
    Climate:Heat loving annual.
    Sowing guide:Follow the instructions on the pamflet included in your kit.
    Planting Season:Spring / Summer
    Good Bee Food:Yes
    Flowering time:90-100 days after sowing in September to January
    Pinch:Do not pinch
    Position:Full Sun
    Final height:300-400 cm
    Spacing:40 cm

    Growing Tips:

    Follow the instructions on the pamflet included in your kit. The pamflet contains germination as well as general care instructions to help you grow a magnificent sunflower!

    Included in this kit is everything you will need to grow the tallest and biggest sunflower!


    Kit Contents:

    • Giant sunflower seeds
    • Growing pots & growing medium
    • Grower’s guide
    • Fertiliser
    • Markers to identify your seedlings

    Giant sunflower seeds