Greens-To-Table Microgreen Kit


There is a certain moment after a seed has sprouted, right before it becomes a seedling, that we witness the natural wonder of microgreens. Here at The Flower Cartel we have had enough of flat trays of messy microgreens, and decided to introduce the Greens-to-Table Microgreen.

This way every member of the family is served their very own little pot filled with tasty, fresh and healthy greens.

Your purchase arrives with all the ingredients and expert advice to create your own Greens to Table microgreen experience.

Fair warning though….It’s almost too easy and way too much fun to cultivate these. The kids might beat you to it, and then the only thing left for you to do, is to impress your dinner guests.


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Included in this kit is everything you will need to grow your own delicious and nutritious microgreens.


Kit contents:

  • Reusable Drip Tray
  • 24 Reusable Pots
  • Growth medium
  • 8 Varieties of microgreen seeds
  • Vermiculite to cover the seeds
  • Markers to identify your different crops
  • Step by step instructions on how to set up and manage your microgreen kit.

Our microgreen seed collection includes the following varieties:

  • Japanese Red Cress Daikon Sango – Vibrant dark burgundy.
  • Sweet Rocket – Eager to germinate with a peppery flavour.
  • Garden Pea – A lovely sweet, green pea-like taste
  • Basil – Spicy and minty flavour.
  • Fennel – Feathery leaves with a liquorice taste.
  • Swiss Chard – Pretty rainbow colours and great in salads.
  • Beetroot – Sweet earthy taste with a crimson colour.
  • Red Amaranth – An earthy red addition to any plate.