Hydrangea Leuchtfeuer (Plug)


Leuchtfeuer hydrangea flowers range from a dark rose to deep purple, depending on the pH of the soil. A higher (more alkaline) soil will keep the flowers true in colour – a rich, dark rose.


1 x Mature plug


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    Flower type:Focal
    Life cycle:Perennial
    Climate:Thrives in moderate climates where they are protected from harsh sun.
    Sowing guide:Plant your plug either in a pot (not smaller than 50cm wide and 50cm deep) or directly into your garden. If planting in garden, space plants 1m apart.
    Planting Season:Autumn / Spring / Summer
    Flowering time:In spring, after roughly 150 days.
    Pinch:When 30cm high, pinch just the top growing tip to increase branching.
    Position:Part Shade
    Final height:120 cm