Hydrangea Magical Green Cloud (Plug)


The magical hydrangea series are just that! Green Cloud’s flowers are green with white inner petals and mature into red with mottled green petals. The flowers are harder than other varieties (meaning they will last even longer in the vase) and plants produce strong stems.


1 x Small plant in 12cm pot



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    Flower type:Focal
    Life cycle:Perennial
    Climate:Thrives in moderate climates where they are protected from harsh sun.
    Sowing guide:Plant your plug either in a pot (not smaller than 50cm wide and 50cm deep) or directly into your garden. If planting in garden, space plants 1m apart.
    Planting Season:Autumn / Spring / Summer
    Flowering time:In spring, after roughly 150 days.
    Pinch:When 30cm high, pinch just the top growing tip to increase branching.
    Position:Part Shade
    Final height:120 cm