Jewel Toned Summer Bouquet Box


If you are a newcomer to gardening and looking to start your own cut flower garden or simply want to grow more flowers from seed, this comprehensive all-in-one box complete with step-by-step instruction has everything you need to get you off to a great start.

Being a successful gardener is not about having a green thumb, it is simply about knowing the basics and applying them correctly. Here at The Flower Cartel we have years of experience growing the most beautiful of flowers and nothing will make us happier than to see you do the same. With our guidance you will soon be growing your very own fresh, seasonal flowers.

We have curated the contents of this box to be easy to use and reusable. Although very little in life is guaranteed, with the comprehensive step-by-step guide containing tips and tricks of the trade, we want to be so bold as to guarantee you success in starting your flowers from seed.

This box features our jewel toned summer bouquet seed collection, hand picked for those who love to create their own bouquets or simply as a garden display.

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Included in this box is everything you will need to start your plants from seed, right up to when you plant them in your garden.


Box Contents:

  • Jewel Toned Summer Bouquet Collection (8 packets)
  • 2 x 48-cell seedling trays for seed starting
  • Basin for bottom watering & fertilising your seedlings
  • Seedling fertiliser
  • Markers to identify your seedlings
  • Vermiculite to cover the seeds
  • Grow medium to germinate your seedlings
  • Step by step instructions on how to start your plants from seed

Seed varieties included:  Jewel Toned Summer Bouquet Collection (8 packets)


Our jewel toned summer bouquet seed collection is dramatic and bold. Featuring striking pink, dark purple, burgundy, blue, cerise, gold and strawberry red colours, they are sure to make a statement in the garden. This collection of productive plants will give your garden a season long display and provide you with buckets of material to arrange. Allocate a special, sunny corner in your cutting garden for these plants and you will experience the generosity of their flowers in no time.