Papaver somniferum

Poppy Giant Pod


Large red flowers followed by a giant pod.


100 seeds per packet.

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    Flower type:Filler
    Life cycle:Hardy Annual
    Climate:Plants thrive in cool winters, and can withstand frost.
    Sowing guide:Direct sow (recommended) in March to April once the soil temperature is cool enough.
    Planting Season:Autumn
    Germination guide:8-12 days @ 18-20 C. Cover seed with a thin dusting of sand or vermiculite.
    Good Bee Food:Yes
    Flowering time:November to December.
    Position:Full Sun
    Final height:60-90 cm

    Growing Tips:

    Water well once a week if you don't live in a winter rainfall area. Ensure excellent drainage, they are prone to root rot in their early stages.

    Harvesting Tips:

    Leave the flower to drop its petals to reveal the large decorative pod. Cut the flowers before the pods form in order to extend the bloom time in the garden. Pods dry very well - hang up to dry.

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