Spring Meadow Collection


Our seasonal seed collections are hand picked to give you a range of interesting colours, shapes and textures in the garden. Allocate a special, sunny corner in your garden for these seeds and you will be rewarded with the most gorgeous blooms in no time.

Throw-and-grow is what this collection is all about! Our spring meadow collection is ideal for someone who enjoys a wild garden look and wants to spend the minimum amount of time gardening. These flowers were selected for their ability to “self seed” once their flowers have faded and seed pods have formed. Simply put, sow them in March-April, enjoy their flowers in spring, allow them to drop their seed in summer, remove them and watch the cycle start all over again in autumn when the dropped seeds germinate with the first rain. It couldn’t be easier!

The collection comes packaged in a gift-ready container with enough seeds to easily cover a 6x6m bedding space. Included in the collection are the following seeds

  • Lace Flower (100 seeds)
  • Love-in-a-mist ~ Persian Jewels, African bride and Albion mix (50 seeds)
  • Classic large poppy (100 seeds)
  • Bupleurum Green Gold (100 seeds)
  • Larkspur ~ White and Lilac mix (100 seeds)
  • Clary sage ~ Blue and Pink mix (50 seeds)
  • Didiscus Lace Flower (50 seeds)
  • Bachelor’s Button ~ Blue (100 seeds)


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