Lathyrus odoratus

Sweet Pea Mix (Late Season Flowering)


Nothing provides that sweet, spring garden scent quite like sweet peas do. Their nostalgic fragrance and beauty will have you gushing over them for weeks on end. These plants will provide you with buckets of flowers from spring until well into summer as this is a late season flowering variety. Water and feed them regularly and they will reward you for it.


20 seeds per packet.

20 in stock

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    Flower type:Air
    Life cycle:Annual
    Climate:Prefers cool growing environment, but can withstand some heat.
    Sowing guide:Direct sow (recommended) in April to June or sow in trays and transplant after 4-6 weeks.
    Planting Season:Autumn
    Germination guide:14-21 days @ 15 C. Darkness required. Cover with a layer of soil. Soak seed in water overnight before sowing.
    Good Bee Food:No
    Flowering time:September-December, if sown in April to June. Flowers under longer daylight days.
    Pinch:Yes, when 15-20 cm high.
    Position:Full Sun
    Final height:150-200 cm

    Growing Tips:

    Provide vertical support onto which the branches can attach themselves. Be sure to tie up unattached branches as the plant grows to ensure straight flower stems.

    Harvesting Tips:

    Harvest stems when the first flower has fully opened. Cut tall stems and harvest regularly as this encourages branching and flowering.

    Whether you are growing flowers or vegetables or both, growing your own plants from seed, is one of the most rewarding things for any gardener and you don’t even need a green thumb to do it. With our guidance, it couldn’t be easier!