Salvia horminum

Clary Sage


A unique sage variety, these well branched plants shoot up tall spikes showing colourful leaf-like flower bracts at the top. The coloured bracts have a beautiful textural look to them and stay vibrant over a long period. Bee friendly and easy to grow.


50 seeds per packet

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Flower type:Spike
Life cycle:Hardy Annual
Climate:Prefers cool to moderate temperatures and can withstand some frost.
Sowing guide:Direct sow (recommended) in March to April / September or sow in trays and transplant after 4-6 weeks.
Germination guide:5-12 days @ 24-26 C. Light required - cover seed with very thin layer of soil
Position:Full Sun
Spacing:23 cm
Pinch:Not necessary
Flowering time:September (if sown in March to April) or 80 days after sowing in September.
Final height:60-100 cm

Harvesting Tips:

Harvest when at least 4 sets of leaves at the top are colored up. Expected vase life is 7-10 days.

Whether you are growing flowers or vegetables or both, growing your own plants from seed, is one of the most rewarding things for any gardener and you don’t even need a green thumb to do it. With our guidance, it couldn’t be easier!