Jewel Toned Summer Bouquet Collection


Combining a range of colours, shapes and textures, our seasonal seed collections are hand picked for those who love to create their own bouquets. Allocate a special, sunny corner in your cutting garden for these seeds and you will be arranging away in no time.

Dramatic and bold, our jewel toned summer collection features striking pink, dark purple, burgundy, blue, cerise, gold and strawberry red colours. Whether you are creating a cutting garden or simply tucking plants into your existing garden, these productive plants will flower all summer long from an early spring sowing and provide you with buckets of material to create stunning bouquets. Simply follow the sowing guidelines on the individual packets.

The collection comes packaged in a gift-ready container with enough seeds to allow staggered planting for an extended season harvest. Included in the collection are the following seeds

  • Amaranthus ~ Red (100 seeds)
  • Atriplex ~ Red (50 seeds)
  • Strawflower ~ Burgundy (100 seeds)
  • Basil ~ Purple Ruffles (30 seeds)
  • Clary Sage ~ Pink (50 seeds)
  • Nigella ~ Midnight (50 seeds)
  • Yarrow ~ Cassis (50 seeds)
  • Zinnia ~ Burpeeana Giants Mix (50 seeds)


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